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Heather and Erica!

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[05 Sep 2011|09:57pm]
Erica Emmons via Skype: well, it's life, and we're girls. that's what we do: carry on hope in hopeless situations.

For. Real. Motha. Fucka.
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November 19th 2010=High School [20 Nov 2010|11:27am]
Heather and I did the following yesterday:
1. Drove to XS and got me a tattoo. She held my hand.
2. Went to Yates Cider Mill on a date. It was our first time for the season. Oh and we split a little quart of Cider because we're cute like that.
3. Had big discussion about our early 20's.
4. Drove to the DIA and walked around for 2 hours discussing "creepy" paintings and funny ones (and cool ones too).
5. Split Thai Food that was DELICIOUS!
6. Went to Barnes and Noble and giggled in a corner.
7. Drove around blasting Maroon 5 and buying ice cream to split.
8. Came home and watched half of "Pollock".

I wish I could describe the mood of the day, because it was TOTALLY high school. Everything that we were saying was funny to the other, and all in all I think it was one of the best days since being home and Michigan.
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[18 Jun 2010|12:33am]
talking about meeting up for coffee:
heather hicks-"alright, i'll be over in a minute, just let me finish clipping my toenails".
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[14 Jun 2010|04:50pm]
last night heather and i started watching this again.
my life is bliss.

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[09 Jun 2010|11:30pm]
"I may be at the bottom, but I'm just glad to be on the totem pole!!"
-Erica O. Emmons
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[11 Nov 2009|10:26pm]
we still got some good stuff going on!
friends for 10 years bitches
a decade.
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[08 Jul 2008|11:18pm]
"why can't we just be together?!"-heather hicks to me.
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excerpts from the conversations of hh and eo. [05 Mar 2008|10:01pm]
1)there should be some sort of card that we can give them. you know, then we can be like, okay, here's our v-card!

2)sometimes you secretly want to bite it, just to see what would happen.
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[26 Jan 2008|09:49pm]
heather: ...they're just running around naked! And i'm wearing marching band pants.
erica: yeah, and some are wearing the huggies pull-ups.
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[13 Jan 2008|11:23pm]
erica: "this is your life....are you who you want to be?"

i guess you had to be there.
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[06 Jan 2008|08:45pm]
my life as a cover girl.
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[13 Dec 2007|12:19am]

crystal meth!
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my life as a cover girl.... [11 Dec 2007|10:35pm]
"if i can't explore my own va-jayjay,
then how can I let someone else explore it?"
-heather Bicks
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this is what heather and me watched friday night [09 Dec 2007|07:40pm]

it was interesting to say the least.
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she's just a gay-ass mother effin' ho. [27 Nov 2007|10:15pm]
I only go to Jesus parties, thanks.

moxy moron.
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[18 Nov 2007|08:18pm]

He's back in the picture.....as a mother fucking drug addict wtf?

gay. this show is just gay. except not really.
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[02 Nov 2007|02:36pm]
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[30 Oct 2007|03:47pm]

oh shit.
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[24 Sep 2007|06:05pm]
first off-
"that boy doesn't know north from south"
"and neither does his dick"

"men think that they can just stare at our boobs, well i think we should start a trend where we stare at men's packages all the time. and then we can see what happens."
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[04 Aug 2007|01:24am]

As andy, heather and erica were searching for senior picture pricing we stumbled upon this gem.

notice the teenage sweat stain?

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